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Streamline your Writing Process

  • Plot & Brainstorm with Aeon Timeline - Save Yourself HOURS of Busy-Work

    • Which is the best template to start with?

    • How do I add links and images?…. and much more

  • Create your OWN Timeline Templates

    • Create your own timeline template(s) t0 fit your personal writing style

    • Another Time Saving technique

  • Simplify your Plotting/Brainstorm Process and lose the Post-It's

    • Learn to create your first timeline in Less than 1 hour

    • Sync your Timeline Series with Scrivener and get writing FASTER!

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Kylie is a techie geek and Romance Fiction author (in the making)

After Scrivener she quickly found Aeon Timeline

(awesome plotting, brainstorming and outlining software for writers)

and due to the lack of practical training - created her own online course