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  • Want to write Faster with less Distraction?
  • Need uncluttered Plotting?
  • You are OVER the complicated Project apps!
  • Want to sync your Timeline with Scrivener?
  • Can't visualise your Timelines / Plotting / Project?

Find the Course that's Right for You

Each course includes examples and templates specifically related to that course, so you are ensured to learn exactly what you need to learn - and FAST!

Each course is custom delivered to teach you quickly and simply how to navigate Aeon Timeline and make it your own.

Fiction Authors have different needs for timeline plotting than say a Project Manager or Non-Fiction Author.  Each course has been created using specific examples, as it's always easier to learn with an example practical to you.  So I've tried to make it as personal and easy to understand as possible.

Depending on your focus you should be able to find the course that's right for you.

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Each course is designed with practical examples and tried and tested templates.  Check out your favourite today!


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All Modules and Units show your Progress as you move through the lessons and contain easy-to-watch Video Tutorials accompanied by a transcript.

PLUS downloads of relevant files along the way.

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If you are not sure what Aeon Timeline or Scrivener software are you could find more information and links to their respective websites on the Resources page.